Pacific Northwest Postal History Society - About Us
        Quarterly Journal                                           Members Auction                                                                                                                
Entitled "The Oregon Country",                          At least once per year a mail
The name associated with the                             auction of usually two to three
Pacific Northwest region during                          hundred lots exclusively  to                              
exploration and early settlement,                         Pacific Northwest postal history is
the Society's award winning                                presented.             The material is
journal is considered the leading                          consigned by members from their
postal history publication                                     duplicate or surplus holdings and
produced in the region. Under                             only members are permitted to
the guidance of a professional                              bid.     Individual lot values are
editor, who is also a well known                          generally modest and normally fall
and respected postal historian,                             within a range often considered
this journal reflects the varied                               unprofitable for most commercial
interests of the membership by                             auction houses.  Since the auction
covering the entire spectrum of                            began it has been a handy source 
Northwest postal history.                                    for members to acquire needed
                                                                          material or turn unwanted items
                                                                          into cash 
       Research Projects                                                      Fellowship
Members having an interest in                              The Society shedules an annual
particular aspects of Northwest                            meeting often in conjuction with a
postal history are encouraged to                          stamp show.    The venue varies in
undertake specialized research                            order to accomodate members
projects. Cooperative input from                         in all parts of the region.
other members may be utilized                            Typically, these gatherings offer
with "The Oregon Country" provid-                    members an opportunity to meet
ing a medium for discussion and                          and discuss common collecting 
interim reports as well as final                              interests.